Welcome to Cave Enterprises

Cave Enterprises is a Burger King Franchise group that operates Burger King restaurants across six states.  Cave was founded by Adam Velarde in 1999 with one restaurant in Lemont, IL.  Cave has grown over the years to one of the largest Burger King Franchise groups in North America and the largest group with a single owner.  The majority of Cave’s growth has been through purchasing distressed restaurants and improving the value of the location and brand through hard work, smart decisions and dedication to the guests. The growth has continued and was one of few franchises that continued to build new restaurants during the pandemic.

Cave has a vision of “Together for One Another”.  Even with the growth and expansion over the years, we have the goal of maintaining a family atmosphere in a large organization.  The mission is to “Develop Outstanding People and Community Leadership”.  We have continued to grow and give our team that chance to lead and move into new roles.  In addition to the advancement opportunities we have provided, we also strive to help in the communities we serve.  We have partnered with local sports teams, raised money for local charities and provided opportunities for fund raising events in our restaurants. 

We have several goals that align with our Vision and Mission.  We want to provide a positive, fun environment to work and grow in.  We want to keep guest service at the center of all we do.  We pride ourselves on being leaders in the Burger King Brand in traffic and profit growth.  We have open, honest, two-way transparent communication in conversations across all levels of the company.  Finally, by focusing on all of those items, we can continue to strategically grow the business.  Cave culture is all of this, and because of the great people we have on our team, we will continue to be a leader in the Burger King Brand for years to come.